From the Founder

Growing up, I always picked up on the little differences and inequalities boys and girls had. Why did the prince always have to save the princess? Why are boys seen as strong, whereas girls are seen as weak? Why was blue seen as manly and pink seen as girly? I always wondered, why were these little things that were considered "normal" bothering me?

Even as someone who lives in a stable household in Canada, a first-world country, I still face sexism through subtle remarks and still have barriers in my academic and personal life, just for being a girl. I felt and continue to feel unconfident and lost at times. And yet, I can not imagine how other girls in developing countries face discrimination in their everyday lives. There is definitely a problem.

I began to tutor boys and girls from India virtually just before high school. It was an eye-opening experience that allowed me to teach the student and ultimately learn from them and their education. I've been tutoring ever since, meeting dozens of youth and helping them learn new topics and perfect the ones they know.

It was both the love for teaching others and the barriers millions of girls face today that inspired me to create Envision Girls. I envisioned an organization that slowly challenged these barriers in their education and lives. I wanted to help young girls with their studies, but emphasize encouraging and motivating them to be fierce and be themselves.

Yours truly,
Anita | Founder of Envision Girls

Anita Vasserman - Founder

Anita is a high school student enrolled in the gifted and talented student program in GTA, Ontario. She is strong in her academics, maintaining 95%-100% in all honors subjects and enrichment. She balances her hobbies and leadership roles in DECA and FBLA Business Club, her school's Athletic Council, Jewish Student Union, and Student Government while spending time with friends and family. Anita has won numerous mathematic, literature, and business awards. She aspires to spread love for education to young girls locally and eventually, globally.

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