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To be eligible the student must be aged 6-13 and identify as a female.

Academic Subjects

Enrichment in mathematics is a fundamental aspect to student success and real life adventures. Learn arithmetic, counting, money saving/spending, shapes, and more.


English Language Arts (or just English), allows students to become more confident in the language. Grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, and speaking are all covered. 


Science is all around us! We use it in our daily activities, it keeps us healthy, and it keeps us wondering. Here students will explore and enjoy learning about the magical world of science.

Enrichment Subjects

Be matched with a role model where success is obtained academically, personally, and socially. Enhance leadership and confidence while being motivated and supported.


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Fill out the form for the service you would like. You can register for either tutoring, mentorship, or both programs.

Wait to get matched to a tutor/mentor

We will match you with a qualified educator based on your needs. Please give us up to 2 weeks to sort everything out.

Start attending classes

Once your tutor/mentor emails you, discuss a convenient schedule. We recommend a minimum of 1 hour a week.

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