Ensure to read these through before you begin to take lessons or volunteer!

  • Students 

    If you are not able to attend the class, you must let the tutor know at least 30 minutes before class starts.‍ If 3 classes are missed without telling the tutor/mentor, the student may be released from the program.

    If there is no response within 1 week to the initial email about scheduling class with the tutor/mentor, the may be released from the program.

  • Volunteers

    This position is at least a 3 month commitment. Hours will be awarded after completing the 3+ month term.

    If you miss 3 classes without telling your student at least 3 hours before class starts, you will be released.

    If we receive some kind of complaint about the class (eg. disliking the teaching style), try your best to fix it -- don't be afraid to ask us for help! If a complaint comes again, you will be released.

    After every task/class, you MUST fill out this form if you want your hard work to be counted.

    If you agree to create a resource and don't follow through, you may be released.

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